Jess McHugh is a writer and editor who has reported from North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and West Africa.

Her work has appeared in The Nation, The Paris Review,, Village VoiceInternational Business Times, CNN, AFP Services, The Believer, Smithsonian Magazine, Business Insider, InStyle, DAME, Man Repeller, and Travel + Leisure, among others.

She has written hundreds of stories with an eye on the intersection between politics, culture, and society, ranging from the fight to preserve world heritage in Palmyra, Syria, to the plight of pregnant refugees making the journey across Europe. She has interviewed U.N. diplomats, U.S. senators, and former members of the Irish Republican Army.

Following the November 2015 Paris attacks, she was sent to cover the aftermath on the ground as a reporter for International Business Times. After sending dispatches from the Saint Denis raids, she attended one of the first concerts in the wake of the attacks, writing features on the recovery of the music scene as well as a profile of a Syrian refugee.

She is bilingual in French, decent at krav maga, and excellent at knitting.



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